3rd Sculpt Human Head

My 3rd time at sculpting thought Id try a human head. I like the wide nose and jaw so
any criticism of this work in progress would be helpful. Just trying to learn but no
funds for schooling. Thank You for looking

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Well i could write a wall of text but its better if you take a look here:
No need for a school these times to be honest.

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hands on practice and using tutorials will make you better. takes awhile. But worth it

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Also, get a good 3d skull model. Move the 3d skull in and out of your mesh to see how your proprotions match up with the skull. helps a ton

Thanks so much, that is a great idea!!

You don’t need school for art, I think the only reason why you should go to school is if you need motivation to meet deadlines.

If you want to improve on character sculpts, I highly recommend Anatomy for Sculptors. You don’t need to buy their books if you don’t want to. Honestly, the stuff they post on Artstation is enough. I bought a copy a a few years ago and still use it.

For this project, what helps me is also sculpting the base of the neck. This includes the clavical, the top of the spine, adam’s apple, etc. It helps with the overall look and gives you an idea of what this person is (ie strong and muscular or skinny and boney).

Basically, @FXR is right. You’re doing fine, you just need to practice and you’ll gradually build an eye for this type of stuff. :+1:

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Thank You so much for the input! Very Appreciated