3rD try at Head Modeling

Hi I’m Frank, this is my 3RD try, I have made this thread in order to learn the whole process of making a believable character, If you think you can help me, these are the steps I am going to need.

Modeling tips & suggestions.
Texturing with U.V’s, Nodes or simple Material settings.-Unwrapping & texture painting, Bump Maps, Normal Maps, Spec maps, Displace maps etc and using SSS.

Lighting, angles, Scenery & lay out of model.
Particles / Hair set ups, in order to create a good hair style and can sway for animating with control or use mesh with alpha?

Using key’s for Facial animating or Rigging the character, + weight painting,

If you can help me with any of these please reply to my thread, any other tips are much appreciated.

Looks good so far. Usually it is more useful to see wires with subsurf turned off. What tutorial did you follow?

Here is the wire with subsurf disabled , I followed this Detailed Head Modeling by Carlos R. Bisquertt

yes Cg Arena site.

What you’ve done looks good.
Depending on the length of the neck you are after, you want to start bringing it out to get to the top of the shoulders. If you start bringing it out half way up the neck that you have done it would look thicker.

Could you download the image and draw lines for how much thickness should be extruded for the neck?
Thanks, for the feed back so far dudes.

He needs ears. And his head seems a bit too rectangular from the front. Other than that, nice model with what I think is good topology, but the head doesn’t seem to have any defining characteristics, kinda like a mannequin. Still, a better material should go a long way to helping it seem more human. Good work.

Okay will model those ears tomorrow, for now it is 3:08am I think Ill need some rest before continuing thanks dudes once again,I think the weird shape is from me fiddling with the shape since he original had obese look to his form, But yes I’ll upload a render with ears and get under way with the detailing of the skin, Funny that the tutorial was for a “Detailed” model…Haha thanks.

Did you use the same reference image as shown in the tutorial?

Where you start coming out for the shoulders will depend on the reference you use and how you want your model to look, are you going for an exact model so you couldn’t tell your images from the reference photos? Or just a good looking head model?
If you start bringing it out higher up you will get a stockier looking model. While a longer neck will appear thinner, more athletic.
If you want to do some fan art of your favourite star then you probably want it as close as can be, but if you want a nice head model for some artwork then the exact shape is less relevant as long as it is an appealing and believable shape for your model.

As detailed as the tutorial (or any of them in fact) may be it doesn’t get you placing your vertices in exact positions so your model will vary in some ways from every other model following the same steps. The tutorial teaches you the process to follow in order to model a human head, it depends on you to position each vertex to get the shape that resembles either the reference image or the appearance you want.

Looking at your images a bit more I noticed that the outside of the eyebrow ridge looks smudged downwards a bit, almost on top of the eyelid.

Thanks Loopyshane for the idea’s and the awareness you took for my head, here is some updates on him.
I’m not going to model someone famous nor is it going to be someone from a reference photo, but I must say I am trying my best to find the definitions in the face, thank you.Will try to get more done asap, I saw the back of the head has sunken in Ill be editing that don’t you worry.

I have a screen shot of the model & a quick render oh, ignore the lighting by the way.

Fixed it, I think I did.

Okay Im ready for some more tips on this!

I wasn’t aiming to change his whole face, but eventually I will intertwine the two models to make him more detailed.I think this render is less youthful, why do people like realism?I don’t think everyone wants real.
But thats a thought of my own,

Okay back to work, will check on this later, I need someone to point out the flaws.

AS long as you haven’t posted any wireframes, I’ll give you some tips for the first model (maybe you’ve made the same mistakes.

I see a mayor error in edge loops at the side of the head. You should delete the middle edge loop to make the other edge loops more smooth. The flow of the back head should be like the blue curve.


Your last images show two different models (or stages of modelling). The rendered one which I think is an older version still has a bit of smudging on the brow ridge and the indent at the bottom of the neck is too large.

Your really getting the idea now. The last few images show some real character and definition coming into the face and neck, the small details that make the head unique and more life like.

Very subjective topic. I think because we see real human faces every day and rely on them for recognition etc that we are attuned to what looks right and what doesn’t. What makes a freak that we don’t want to associate with, or a target for our deepest desires.

There is a line between a believable face and a good caricature or monster, if the exaggerated parts are too subtle it can look bad to us. It’s really one extreme or the other, the face is a believable human or an acceptable artistic creation of something that doesn’t exist. The area in the middle contains faces that are close to human but unacceptable to our senses.

Hmm Ill have a look at that, in my latest render cheers dude, edge loops Hate them haha.
Okay, will try this out tomorrow.

Okay I will work on that smudged area and the neck haha, I find if the wrinkles are very defined then the model looks a lot older then I want, A younger person has less lines, I guess Ill take my chances.Perfection is a mer hit, but perfect flaws is something I can aim for, okay back on tomorrow for updates for now I must sleep.

Here are some updates on what I’ve edit and how much of a transformation Ive gotten from editing.
Still needs work and still needs some critique.

Hi all, have been thinking about textures and does anyone have good links or tutorials for texturing through, Nodes, Uv’s …Materials etc etc.

Please help me for I am aiming for a more detailed texture then the model.

Might be a good reason to try the new projection painting feature. Here is a tutorial to it.


linuxpimp21, cheers dude.

Will take a look, oh I can download it wicked thats even better.

Yeah it cost 4 bucks to download it but the video is higher resolution and you get blend files. There is also a tutorial on doing a human head on that site as well by Jonathan as well and also on on UV unwrapping a human head. That last one would help out with texturing as well.

Yes it gave me a lot of Idea’s thank you.
Well for the UV unwrapping but I find that a real photo reference is even better then just using the gimp.
SO thank you will try my best to get some more work done on this Cg head, cool.I’m so excited.