4,294,967,295 posts ?


there is 15 members with


posts !!! LOL

how ?

its obviously some type of glitch…or a bot lol
trying to view his posts takes yo uto a page that states there are no matches…so it appears to be a glitch. They guy below him yeilds only 1 posted thread. I’m not researching more lol…seems like a definite gllitch to me.

Yeah, probably spambots.

That number is the limit of a 32-bit integer … so it is likely some sort of calculation overflow error. (Probably should be zero.)

It’d be impossible here for someone to have 4 billion posts, this forum doesn’t even have that many posts.

Plus, if you spent 5 seconds per post, then even if you took no break between typing you’ll be dead well before you get there.

This issue is with cgsociety, not blenderartists. Its also very possible for an account to gain over 4 billion posts, all it needs is a bot…and bots aren’t limited to only one post at a time. A properly coded bot on a poorly designed website could theoretically (providing the server doesn’t crash all together) create all 4 billion at once. But by the time a bot gets anywhere close to that number it would have been banned…if it isn’t…your site needs better security/admins/mods.

It’s NOT bots. Yes, bots can submit more traffic than a “live” person, but there is no way the CGSociety servers could stand up to multiple users each with 38.7 million posts per day.

If you look at their forum home, they only have about 4.2 million posts total in their forums. This doesn’t count forums that they’ve discontinued, but there is no way that they have tens of billions of discontinued posts that aren’t listed.

Even assuming one user with 38.7 million posts per day. That would be ~450 posts per second. I’ve been to the CGTalk forums when a lot of users were on. It can in no way handle that type of traffic.

It is a computing error, plain and simple.

Found another spot on the page that says they have 4.6 million posts total. That number must count the discontinued posts as well. The 4.2 million number was from a total of the individual forum post counts from the main page.

Quite suspicious myself I reckon.

its probably just a glitch.

where is elysiun’s memberlist , was it hid ?

  • Curious * …

Sorry! The administrator has disabled the list of members.



I have quite a horde of posts there =O

Yes it was.

One spammer tactic was to look for users and to hack their accounts by trying random password combinations over possibly periods of weeks or months.

Once on, they would post spam which would get past any other spam blocking tool we have.

strange tactic , anyway …


Spam will fight to the bone to flood the forums, a single aliased stop sign can’t stop it.

At least those spambots are getting fewer in number, there was even one with the brains to try to get actual members to link to a shirt product site

what about creating a Spam/Dragons subforum ?

4 mil posts GETTTTT!!!

My guess is that they dont get out very much…

To post once a second it would still take you many days to make even a million posts out of that.

But to note, I see the post count of well known members of CGSociety and they don’t really add up to the point where it would equal to that number, which would conclude it may be spambots.

As I said before, there is NO WAY it is spam users or even bots.
Saying otherwise means you don’t really understand the enormity of the number in question.

Why people jump to unreasonable conclusions for perfectly explainable things is beyond me.

Here it is, in all its glory.

interesting bug :slight_smile: