4 Animated Parrots are flying

4 Animated Parrots are flying. Molding/ Animation /Rendering is done
in Blender ( www.blender3d.org) by Mrs. Patricia Uma Rawal and KK Rawal.
Sound is mixed with Sony Vega Movie Studio.
Link is Here

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nice models but animation really simple
birds don’t fly this way ;]
oh and i had my speaker on loud and now im like woah !!

Thanks for comments. Sorry for Lound sound.

Underside of wings should be much darker and that will also give you the look of more depth.

the bodies should be moving more up and down as they fly

You can download Parrot 3D Animation Movie only 1.2 mb ( mpg version )

I see birds alomst every day because we have feeders.
When they take off thier bodies tend to drop then rise, drop then rise and so on.
When flying around you will see alot of rocking back and forth, dips, dives, and drops
Also see alot of climbing.

Some birds fly straight, no ups and downs.

I’m not sure about parrots, but macaws (they are not parrots, but are similar and that is what I can see flying around where I live:) ) fly straight.

Not a bad animation, if that’s the look you are after.

I’ve been watching your tests for months now. I think you are on to something really good with this colorful and quirky style of yours (and the Mrs.?). I liked your ducks too, but that clip was way too crude animation-wise.

Wow. I just watched the others. I hadn’t seen the “family of 4 frogs welcomes 2 guests”. That one is pretty good. It made me laugh, especially when the guests arrived… oh my - the sound effects when they come in… don’t quite fit… it’s perfect. -LOL-

Anyway, you should put some time into learning the fundamentals of animation (anticipation, follow-through, overlap, etc.) even if limited animation is your style. It will refine your work -but you can hang on to that…um… quirkiness… (that’s the only way I can describe it).


P.S. if you want to see a highly refined limited-animation style, search for pocoyo on youtube.

Thanks for guidance. Animation is a great work. You must be wondering that the coloring scheme of parrots. from the wikipedia, I download some jpgs of parrots, selected their part and created as gimp brush and that brush was used as UV color. That’s why they are so bright. Thanks for comments.
Hi have justed searched pocoyo on youtube and got it.
What a great movie. Its a complete big animaton. Perfect timing. Great Work.
Nice. I seen that BedTIme clip

Those birds are a little funky looking but I like them lol
Could use a some work on the wing movement though, seemed too stiff.
Anyway, good job!

Thanks for comments.

Hi , good , but they are slower than the flutter, and the other bones are still , only the wings are moving , as far as i can see .

Thanks 3D Guru. I will improve and put again. Thanks for comments.