4 bones per vertex


This may sound weird but
the rule of 4 bones per vertex in games engines apply even today ?

Thank You

is gonna depend on each engine…
who knows, together with super advanced stuff you still see things from the past in many of the newest ones…

i ask this because i find this very annoying
especially on md5 format doom3/xreal

i read that this rules apply because of hardware limitation more then engine limitation

games engines are full of limitations and compromises… if this annoys you I’d consider doing something else!

I’m sure that this isn’t a hardware limit these days, but given the choice of rendering more characters on screen ( or more effects for that matter) or having more bone weights per vertex most engine programmers will stick with 4 weights .

That is the limit in Unity.

However I haven’t really felt restricted by it. I suppose it might be more of a problem for complicated face rigging.

I may remember badly, but I modded a bit for ut2k3, and I think was 3 bones… still, was enough if used some trick in some area. In very specific cases you can add extra bones, so to compensate that… But yup, no limit would be nicer. Weights were always cpu intensive, as far as I know. But usually other engines limits were for me way more negative… like a lot not porting the interpolation curves between keyframes that the animator hard worked, setting some linear interpolation or programmatic spline one… (and don’t want to remember when there wer no weights…chunked parts models or realtime melting of meshes at joints…) if you can add an extra bone in the character rig, (with needed constraints and helpers) can solve surely your issue in that very specific part. As for knees, elbows, etc (not shoulders, which I’d disagree one can’t make good bending with only weights. You can, is only tricky (and possible with just 3 bones affecting)) will rarely need more than 2.(well set) I agree with the above, often is not hardware, is engine design, etc. Things are complex… like…these days polygons is not really the bottle neck, in most platforms… is things like textures, AI , collisions, physics, even number of meshes…Today’s cards can really eat such a big quantity of polygons, and often is not the card the bottle neck (but cpu, data transfer, etc)

funny, to me the engines have not changed “that much”, while shading and hardware have…the basic elements of an engine are still very much in line with the last ten years…I’m not saying they have not changed, but I do feel it has been more graphical than well…intelectual(AI)…I think I am just typing to see the letters on the screen at this point…lol, BTW some engines only allow 1 bone per vertex(no weights, just a bool), this is true even to this day…while others do allow more…may I ask why more than 4 per vert?..I assume outside forces, impact, environmental influece(gravity), or something else?

can be complex muscle rigs, face expressions. More realistic behaviors, etc. In general I don’t need it

Just ask Tr3b (coder for Xreal) he can probably tell you all about.