4 in 1: Photon fusion solar cells, Brainwave space invaders, bacteria power ect...

This technology shown here will be able to make solar cells more efficient by making use of low energy longwave photons

For the first time, a teenager was able to play space invaders with his brainwaves, paving the way for more hands off experiences like this

One day, bacteria may be warming our homes and running our cars thanks to their ability to produce biofuel.

Tests have showed that biodegradable liquids stop bleeding in rats in seconds, if this were to be true for humans it would be able to save many lives.

“When the liquid, composed of protein fragments called peptides, is applied to open wounds, the peptides self-assemble into a nanoscale protective barrier gel that seals the wound and halts bleeding. Once the injury heals, the nontoxic gel is broken down into molecules that cells can use as building blocks for tissue repair.”

Talk about the ultimate BandAid :), Brainwave controle games. interesting :stuck_out_tongue: And better solar cells, cool

That would be the ultimate bandaid indeed. It’s also interesting how in the brainwave powered space invaders the teen cleared the entire level without his hands.