4 Liquor Bottles & a glass

I’m going to send this image to a contest (and I think I have a pretty good chance of winning it) but it’s not finished yet.

I needs some serious critiques please:



Here’s some crits:

The left side of “Red Label” bottle is too overexposed.

Ballatines label looks too faded though I have never seen the real thing.

The ice cubes don’t look real. Try to make them more blocky and arrange them more naturally.

You want me to critices that? Shoure if it was any beter we would know it wasn’t a photo, it would be to perfect. It’s brilliant, love the work.

light is to white, to pure may be taint it slightly especialy were its falling on a surface (eg. in front of the glass)

The mesh work and texturing to me looks fine, not much to change, only thing I would tweak would be to get your light source not to saturate out too much and blend with the reflections on the bottle, would be nice to see the edges there a bit. Overall great piece!!!

Hi duhast!
Really excellent work, I think you’ve definitely got a good chance!
If anything, I’d say that the Beefeater looks as though it has a slightly rounded bottom, so it’s just teetering there. I appreciate it’s probably just the effect of the clear glass and the reflective surface!
Also, are the ice cubes in the process of falling in? (Certainly that’s what it looks like to me - with the bubbles streaming off them as they drop.) If so, I think a small splash would be in order.
Finally, the glass looks slightly too full, or something.


I thought that the glass was emply waiting to be filled…

Thank you for replying so fast. :smiley:

I’ll check on the gin bottle (didn’t notice that problem before). As for the ice cubes, they’re just sitting there.

Now that I look closer, the glass does look a little filled but it’s really empty (damn refraction!!! :x ). Another ice cube should solve the problem.

I’ll do some corrections now.

the beefeater bottle looks like it is stretched vertically

also the top of the liquid " the miniscus" looks strange

the cap textures look like they are glowing / selfiluminating.

i do not mind the ice cubes shape but the view at the cup is bad, also you
do not see any liquid in it thus the position of the ice cubes do not make sense.

i agree with the light. also the white reflections in the background iritate me.
it is to strong and distracts from the main focus, the botles.

otherwise great work.


Ah yes, I see there’s no water now! Maybe just a slight alteration to the lighting would stop that problem, by lightening the inside of the glass a bit more?

the reflection of the bottole on the right doesnt look as see through as it should

I sent the picture to the contest a couple of hours ago. I made some minor color corrections to some labels (with PSP) but I kept the saturated background (I made other renders with less back light but everyone I asked here told me that the image lost impact).

The results will be announced on Dec 11. I’ll tell you then how everything went (First price: Athlon 64 4000+)

Wish me luck. :smiley: