4 objects animation?

Dear Members,
I have one object with rigging, then I copied becoming for, it’s including with the animation of the object,
but when I play the object,
they become one again, how can I make them separate when animating ?

Is it because of the share the same bone’s name ?


Hey, Delete the key frames on the duplicate OR modify the f-curve in the Graph Editor. If that does not work , you may have created ‘linked’ duplicates, just un-link them.

No, they do have same bone names but they are different armatures (.001,.002)

which one is key frame ?or f-curve ? thanks


Hey, Your screen shot shows you have the ‘Dope Sheet’ open - those yellow dots are ‘key frames’ - deselect all of them, then re-select (cursor box select) from Armature.001 down to the bottom - hit delete > 'Keys"

are these ?

Select all

then delete key ?


you deleted all but the ones on the last frame & the first trees animation.

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