4 problems at once. Answer as far as you know.

I am making a simple maze.

  1. You can see from my .blend file that the uv sphere on which i mapped a texture is looking very edgy. I mean the colours are sharply cut and there is no smoothness, although my texture paint does not have such problems. What do you think is the cause?

2)Do you know how to move the ball from left to right and vice versa? I have tried a lot but nothing works?

  1. How is it that when i press “Texture face materials” the texture appears but when i press" Blender Multitexture materials, there is no texture?

  2. In many games, i have seen that they are very realistic. But Blender’s game engine is not very realistic, although its renders look satisfactory. Why is this so? What can i do to make the games look realistic too?

My computer is quite slow, i will give the .blend file a few moments later.


MAZE.blend (293 KB)

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It seems like you havent been using the BGE for very long… Most of those issues are quite simple, and come with experience.

Making a game look good takes a lot of time and effort too, no matter what engine you use. You cant just press play and expect it to instantly look like a scene out of crysis.

Making the ball move is simple, just use logic bricks. Theres a lot of tutorials around which cover this stuff. Get on google, the forum seach or youtube and do some searching around.

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Thanks. Can anyone tell me the answers to the remaining questions.

Its ok. I get it. Look at this file. Press Camera view and then the “P” button. Don’t you feel that everything is tilting?


MAZE.blend (335 KB)

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Here’s some basic GLSL features


MAZE_glsl.blend (825 KB)

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right, if you want the camera to follow the ball, add an empty in the sphere (or near it) and parent it to the sphere, then parent the camera to the empty

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For smoothing try clicking the set smooth button under mesh tools (2.49) there is an equivalent in 2.54 but I can’t remember what it’s called or where.

Making a marble-style game is a pain, as parenting is annoying. I have managed to do it. But the ball didn’t actually roll, it was an affect achieved by having the ball parented to the empty. Then, when you press forwards the ball rotates and (independently) the empty moves. Then you parent the camera to the empty.

I would recomend using logic bricks for your first few games rather than python, but it is up to you. To make an object move with logic bricks add a keyboard sensor (set the key) add an AND controller and wire the two together. Then add a movement actuator and set loc to 0.10. Wire that to the AND controller. Then when you press the key it moves.

I don’t know about texture face, but anything other than solid colors and UV textures (with correct materials) will not show up on multi-texture (without GLSL)

For realism, use only UV textures, they are far better than anything else that the computer can do without GLSL

If you need more detail or example files just ask.