4 quick questions if anybody can help me.

I think hierarchy and or outliner?, for example deleting multiple instances at onetime. can this be done? after removing from group still doesn’t work when I select all objects besides that one it still deletes when I delete all that. I thought maybe it was the origin but I centered it and moved geometry to object. so right now I have to delete each instance separately which can be a lot.

  1. having issues with widget going to mesh even if i center the object origin and applied scale, rotation and location. Then I cant move the mesh by widget unless I use the G key sometimes. I am thinking this has something to do with grouping and such. speaking of this how come combining all object sometimes it wont do it? you can press ctrl L and group but option is blacked out or… it works but then go over to the panel using T key to join it wont do it or that option wont be there?

blender files. I have learned to set up custom pathways and now learning to set up libraries and saving files, nodes etc . I was adding addons by clicking on .py files after extracting them and moving them into blenders addon folders. I didn’t know you could just download the folder and install in user preferences. You don’t even have to extract them to work but with this being said even with a temp said up and changing my user preferences in files to be saved. I still see files when I right click on blender and see all the files I looked at under recent(pick below). this isn’t a big deal but call it my ocd I like to have clean file and even when I uninstall and re-download blender my custom setting or still saved or add ons I put in the add on files.

lats question is about smoothing. I know there is a smooth tool when you use the T key and subsurface under modifiers. I was wondering if the smooth shading effects textures and such. I am using ctrl to reset rotation, scale, and location but…I never used it that option only subsurface with supporting edge loops. is there a reason to use smooth or is it less geometry to fix faucets than using a subsurface modifier?

thank you for your time and info if you choose to read and answer my 4 questions. Love blender.