4 rotor heavy cargo helicopter

Here’s my latest project, I consider it nearly finished, I need to fill in that ugly hole in the back of the chassis. I was also curious what anyone else may notice that’s missing/looks bad currently? I’m not going for particularly realistic in aviation respects. If it couldn’t physically fly irl it doesn’t matter so much to me, so long as it looks plausible to those who don’t study helicopter blueprints for fun :slight_smile: Otherwise I’d really like some feedback on things that look out of place, anything that looks lacking in detail (besides the hole and cockpit interior, both will come soon) or just general comments on the concept that I’d be able to tweak in and make it come alive a little more!

Now for pictures

And youtube video

I like :slight_smile: am i right in saying that this was made after watching the blender cookie vehicle training series? (if not then sorry:P)
I like how it looks and feels, it does (to me) look like it could fly and the wings and propellers look like they can carry some weight. It does have a cargo carrier feel to it… I would recomend bumping up the subsurf a little but apart from that I really like it :slight_smile: well done so far.

Thanks, indeed it was :smiley: (I drew out the concept while waiting for my dvd’s to arrive) I noticed the subsurf on the propeller mesh, will definately up it for the next render.