4 Seasons Low Poly River Scene

I know the low poly style has been done to death recently, but I wanted to have a go at it. This is my own personal take. I’ve tried to mimic the lighting, colour and features of each season. It’s modelled in blender and rendered in cycles. Obviously, it’s a work in progress, so the final renders will be higher resolution with more samples. Before I render those out though, I’d like to hear what you guys think. All critique welcomed :slight_smile:


Here’s the summer one, because the options only let me add 3 images per post.

Great work! I love the colors you used and the way you used triangles to simulate leaves and snow.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is cool! I would add more colors though. Have the area next to the water be a rock color, then as it goes more level make it green for grass. Also, the rocks look a little weird. or are they supposed to be bushes? Lastly, I would add more land in the distance. The top right of the picture shows how there isn’t any land past the trees.

Looks great, only critique I have is the sky/background. It looks OK for the winter, but doesn’t really sit well for me in the other seasons. Maybe some low-poly clouds? :slight_smile: