4 sided wireframes?

Not sure if im saying this right.

But say this example: https://youtu.be/KwAaHx8aNC4?t=353

Here he uses curves and then curve circles to get a “better wireframe” but its all cylinders. and when he uses the regular wireframe, its 3 sides planes.

How can i get 4 sided ones? Say i have to make a truss made of thick beams. id would need 4 sides in each “beam” instead of 3 or even a cylinder

you can change the number of faces on the profile curve to 4 (or more):

an edge split node helps them seem more square

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This is a different way to get something similar:


whats a good way to join the ends?

hey is there a way to rotate each of them 45 degrees?

Oooh, good idea. This doesn’t exactly rotate them, but it does create a similar profile, with clean topology:


whats the “Not” node?

it’s a boolean math node, which inverts the boolean, so it changes true → false and false → true

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this last one seems complicated. is there an easier way to rotate the things in any axis?

based on this node structure? https://blenderartists.org/uploads/default/original/4X/0/0/2/0023d991d684bf6b0ce4b6c0f72928a93ffc367b.jpeg

45° is kind of a best case scenario, if you want the edges to join together cleanly.

if you don’t care about the junctions, you can just throw a transform node in there: