4-threaded build/compile request

I am looking for an exe for win32 of blender with max-threads=4 optimized for sse2 and an AMD opteron - the catch is that I have a version like this already but internal rendering of nodes shaders is screwed up. the renders have streaky lines across them that other versions of blender don’t, and only with node materials. I would really appreciate any help.

I thought that in 2.42 that a virtual limitless amount of CPU cores can be utilized(as long as threads is enabled)

fstop, i’ll build one for ya tomorrow. Meanwhile, use Yafray :wink:

2.42a for AMD SSE3 Opterons:With 4x thread support

WARNING: ONLY works on S939/AM2/AM3 Opterons, will not run on S940 optys. Fstop, please provide feedback on the build since i can’t test the binary myself.

Hey - can’t use yafray with node shaders (AFAIK) which is pretty much all I’m working on right now. to answer an above question - 2.42 CAN use all available CPUS however you have to patch it with the line max-threads=4 (or however many cores you have) for it to recognize them.

MPan - did you notice any possible conflicts with internal node shading in your build? is there something I have to do to enable node shaders within yafray? I will try it as soon as I get home and give you feedback. Thanks again for the build. how’s the bullet sim coming along?

EDIT: would you know if 939 mobos are going to work with DX10 graphics cards? obviously I have a PCI express, not 100% sure of the mobo model.

i bet most DX10 graphics card will be released on PCI-E 16x, i don’t see why they would come up with yet another new slot just for dx10 graphics card, you are pretty much set for another 3 years at least.

yafray is very limited. I don’t think it works with the node editors.

OK, after the necessary DLL shufflin I lode up my node-shaded .blend in your opteron4x build and I get the same node shading error. My bug has no face! this render works in the latest 2.42a build without maxthreads=4 so it’s not a problem with normals or geometry I don’t think

check it out

for this problem you don’t even need a special build. If you have threads turned on, all you have to do is change your x parts and y parts, if x parts is 2 and y parts is one it will use 2 threads, if x parts = 4 and y parts = 1 it will do 4 threads, same with x = 2, y = 2 (x parts times y parts = # of threads)

I wish that were true, but it isn’t. It only uses 50% of my CPU no matter how I set X and Y parts. only thing that works is a recompiled build like mpan’s…

also - mpan - I’m getting shading errors on regular renders too, not just nodes - whole faces are missing/clipped, fyi

images would be nice.

that’s weird, cause when I did that on mine it used 100%

how many physical processors do you have? and what OS?

seems like it’s the same tile in both photos. no problem rendering this with foundation 2.42a, might be a problem with the internal code and 4 threads? or maybe some file is corrupted?

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/236518976/

maybe you can’t see the link because you’re surfing in linux and flickr uses flash? I will email you the renders if you post an address or suggest another site (photobucket? imageshack?)