4 types of noodles

I noticed that there aren`t a lot of noodle models on the internet. Neither on BlendSwap, nor in the Blender Market.
So… I had a go at it:

Feel free to tell me your opinion on the current state of the render. Do you think it is already good enough to publish it in the Blender Market?


I think the Farfalle is a bit too thin.

Thanks, I will take a look at that again.:yes:

By the way, here is one of them as a 3D Model as well:

I think models are fine. I never really took one and inspected at detail though.

I would increase the light in the scene. I would also try a different material. AFAIK pasta is doesn’t have so much texture (color variations). They look like they’re made of wood/paper.

Does your material have some form of translucency? If it does, and assuming you’re using cycles, I would try rendering with full GI sampling.

Actually pasta has a lot of texture and color variations, especially small color dots and grains that stand out at close inspection.

Trust me im an expert on noodles.

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Great work! keep it up!

I would love to see those, floating in boiling water!

Looks good :slight_smile:
You can add a “Lens distortion” node, and change the bottom value to about (.01) This will make your render look a little more realistic (as if the picture was taken by a camera)
I hope this helps.
Good luck :smiley:

Hi Adam,
where can I found a good shader for Pasta, something great like this you shown?
Thx for a reply!

first post images!

I can see like a ghost twisting on the noodles !
don’t think we should see this
might have to redo it to get better tender of topo!

but it is a good beginning

happy cl