4 v2.40 Bugs

Four Bugs
Linux i386 2.3.2, static, Python 2.3

  1. Turn on International Fonts in the User Preferences. Type an “Umlaut” (öäü and the like) in any Save Dialoge. Immediate Crash.

  2. Select two Objects with non closed meshes. W-Key. Choose one of the Modifiers for Boolean Operation. Immediate Crash.

  3. A really wierd bug also with boolean operations:
    Union of two objects with different materials. The “Wire” has another colour than the faces (I didn’t knew that this would be possible anyway).

  4. The Button Window will not get refreshed properly in every other mode than object, edit and pose mode. (Intel i825 chipset).
    -> Edit: I’ve removed the old .B.blend File, now this works properly. The other bugs remain.

  1. I just get a message:“Both meshes must be closed meshes”. No crash.

  2. Nothing unusual noticed. Could you show a picture?



  1. Lol, is this a kind of discrimination towards Germanic languages?
    And I thought Ton was Dutch? :]

  2. Did that yesterday, worked fine on winXP.


When I deleted the B.Blend file I lost the ability to make the clearly defined , hair like static particles that 2.4 generates with a touch of the static button. The system reverted back to the 2.37 style of gooey, puffy, cotton mess. I undeleted the file and in the future I will just place it in a new folder to break the link to it when I’m doing booleans and replace it when I need static particles.

Anyone have any idea why this file is affecting both of these operations?

I’ve tested these things with WinXP.

  1. The letters are displayed as boxes, obviously a font without these characters is used. But alas, no crash.
  2. It’s not the boolean system. The “Wire” rendering is either broken or it has changed and I didn’t notice that:

Add two spheres. Apply a blue material to the first, a red material to the second sphere. Ctrl-J to join the spheres. Turn Wire for the red sphere on.

I’ve seen three different behaviours in three blender versions with the same file:
2.36: The red Wire is rendered OK, the blue sphere is rendered completely in blue.
2.37a: The red Wire is rendered OK, the blue sphere carries also a red wire.
2.40: The red Wire isn’t rendered at all, or it looks like in 2.37a. I couldn’t find out yet why it is sometimes not rendered at all.