4 very simple questions:

  1. How can I add extra states to the logic bricks? I need some more, as I am having to use End-Object Add-Object actuators which are unreliable.

  2. How can I parent only an object’s location to another? (E.G Loc/rot restricted Wheel parented to a Box only follows the box’s location, allowing it to turn.)

  3. Do all scenes automatically load when a BGE game starts, or do they load when called?

  4. If so, how can I stop them from doing so?

  1. Extra states (30 is too few?)
  2. Look into vertex parenting (search the forum)
  3. no, only the active scene and when called
  4. see 3.

Thanks! Is there a way to make a loading screen scene that is basically a preloader for the game scene?
Also, where is this “Extra States” button?

There is no “Extra States” button. He was asking you if 30 was too few…

What are you doing that requires more than 30 states???

I have an object that has a lot of functions and animations.
I could use over 30 Add Object End Object actuators, but that is unreliable, slow and a pain to work with.

I don’t get what your doing?

States are not the only way to handle that many functions…

If you’re doing something that complicated, you can control things with properties and/or python, but people did complicated things before states.

Maybe you don’t have a complete understanding of states/logic bricks in general? If you give a more detailed explanation we’d be able to help you more. However, there is no way to “add more states.”


Here’s the deal:
I have a character. The character has lots of weapons available. Every weapon class (Sword, axe, staff, etc.) needs different animations. It is a complex but working, realistic entertaining fighting system that I am going to work with no-matter what.
I have the prototype working, but until I actually know how I’m going to polish this I am not going to run into the forest blind.
I would simply use IPO bricks, but for the complexity of the fighting system I want to make I need Delay/Always actuators. I am using states, and, for the single test weapon I am using, it works great.
However, I have with the single weapon already used 27 of 30 states. If I am going to have more weapons, I’m going to need more states or an alternative to states that will work just as well.

Any ideas?

Properties, of course. You’re a genius, Sambassador! Thanks! You’re the only replier I can recall that has managed to solve my problems before I do.