4 ways GTX580 in blender will worked?


i want to ask you and your opinions, i will buy new computer:

-cpu amd or intel ( for now i’m not decide…after i will see for economic)
-ram will be full slots like as 16GB or 32GB with DDR3 1600MHz
-motherboard not know but need 4 slots for gtx580 (16x+16x+16x+16x for speed pcie)
-4 gtx580 3GB
-2 psu

i want to ask you: blender will works with 4 ways gtx580?

why i did chose gtx580?
because it’s money safe like €164,60 euro for one card, for 4 cards price: €656,00

you: what you think about this my opinion?

thank you

For Cycles, you won’t need full x16 speed slots on all the slots, the time to transfer a scene to the GPU is often a fraction of the time to render it, which happens at full speed regardless of the pci lane speeds.

hello zeealpal
yes i wnat to use cycles for render engine, but are you sure for not need FULL x16??? but why dont NEED??
you can explain me WHY DOES NOT NEED FULL speed?

thank you

Hi, as zeepal mention, PCIe 2.0 x4 push 2 GB per second to your GPU.
It fills your 3 MB in miliseconds so doesn´t matter much because render times are mostly minutes to hours.
Are you sure to buy 4 generation old cards?
If you have time wait for 19 Sebtember, than GTX 980/70 are out for performance tests.
My GTX 560Ti 448 Cores slow down every Blender version.

Cheers, mib

The short answer is Yes: 4x 580s will work fine for rendering in cycles.

My only words of advice: (believe me I have used 4 GPUs in a single machine at one point) Cooling does become an issue, a big one. Once you have all GPUs working on a complex scene the computer will generate so much heat that you absolutely have to have a good plan to cool of your machine…

hi mib2berlin, did you tested render cycles from CLI and without X server window because i did tested it’s very fast…
i show you my forum from opensuse.org:

my test is interesting and impressionable!!! you can test it without X server windows and CLI of blender is very fast!!

hello @cegaton
thank you for information important for COOLING!!
i dont know about this problem COOLING then now i remember this obviousness COOLING!!!
i will plan for to COOL AIR of the MACHINE THANK YOU

note: @mib2berlin:
how you are know data of release 19 sept? where are the information for data of release…? show me site data of release
thank you

Hi, look here:


These are not official announcements but a few days before it the numbers are mostly correct.

Cheers, mib