40,000 Faces . . . what was a budget :)

There are real crazy people in this world :slight_smile:


I say interesting because I thought that it was a CG film, from viewing the trailers, and didn’t realise it was stop motion.

I guess it kinda defeats the object of stop motion if the result seemed CG as surely it would have been easier and cheaper to have gone with CG in the first place?

No, it totally makes sense. You won’t be needing an environment polluting mega render farm to churn out frames. That was always the big advantage of stop motion over CGI: instant noiseless GI :smiley:

THey’re probably just too much fun to do. I mean why do some people make music when there is already so much music out there? Why do people make 3d models of objects when there are already object made by others?

It’s probably just the joy of working at a project and watching it come to life. They just want to shave off some of the hard and frustating parts.
And ofcourse, stop-motion is a kind of artform.

If you’re interested, Coraline was done by the same studio and it’s also entirely stop-motion. Amazing work and also a pretty cool movie.

I think its the other way around its way cheaper to make a stop motion movie than a cg movie. I think the budget for coraline was about U$60million plus at the time when cgi movies like UP costed about U$150million

I think the reason studios don’t make more stop motion movies is that people don’t go and watch these movies. The whine about Hollywood not been innovative but when something innovative comes along its shunned.

Its the same with games

LoL, true.

Although they had to use computers to create the physical models, so half the “CG” modeling work was already done as was a lot of the key frame points in say the different mouth speech points and it looked as though they did a lot of post processing to remove the “join lines” as evidenced at 51 seconds compared with 1.01 mins. Not to mention the large amounts of chemicals and power used :wink:

That said, at a guess, I’m sure that computer time wise just doing a few touch ups to each photographic frame is far quicker than rendering a frame with umpteen different objects and lighting and reflections etc.

@McBuff yes you’re right I also believe its an artform and one that I much admire and I, as a 4cough+ man really loved Coraline :smiley:

@tyrant monkey Yeah, I guess that with CG its not like you have a model of a table that once made its done and any shadows that happen to fall on it involves no more work, rather its more like for every frame you have to rebuild the table from scratch and work out if a shadow also needs to be built onto that table etc… at a guess if I use your budget figures, as a rough example, then most of that difference is probably the cost of a bunch of servers rendering as animation of any kind is a similar process of work, ie. poseing, drawing, or CG key framing while different in method produce the same result of a frame or set of frames that when played in sequence give a semblance of movement; if that makes sense.

They even 3D printed smearing to simulate motion blur:-

Yum!!! :wink: