40 or over - what if you woke up 21 tommorow?

I picked 21 because I didn’t want to deprive all you “booze hounds” (I know you’re here) of your precious “life liquid”.

Either way, if you’re 40 or over, what would would you do today with all that life experience you racked up?

well that’s kind of random but then again this is off topic

Hmm, I’ll have to think about this one a little bit. Am I 21 in 2007 or 21 back when I was 21?

They wouldn’t let me in the club because I wasn’t 6 month old enough! Bastards! I had to walk home for 30 minutes!

21 in 2007 was what I meant.

Although, an answer based on either scenario would interest me the same, so feel free to chose one, or give your thoughts on both if you wish.

All is welcome.

If i was 21,I would masturbate without the help of Viagra.

(Hey, you asked :smiley: )

I would also learn how to read posts before I replied LOL!

Dunno, with all the knowlage I think I would warn young people:

“Never trust a hooker that says that she don’t want money”

“Dont spit into the wind”

“Dont throw cigarette butts into the urinal (it makes them hard to light)”

“You are more than the sum of what you consume”

“If you are doing business with a religious person, be sure to ‘get it in writing’ (there is no telling what can happen to you if he and the all mighty are plotting aginst you)”

“All souls are worth saving, yet very few are worth buying”

“Never marry a woman that shaves more than you do”

“Money back Guarantee, means, com’mon sucker, try it”

I think that I would be very busy trying to figure out how to grab those hands on the doomsday clock in order to stop it or at least slow it down long enough to get back to where I started from before I turned 21 again.

Even with all the experience I have now, I wouldn’t be 21 again if you paid me. 21 is a rite of passage that we must all go through. And I doubt wisdom and experience would make you any less prone to doing the stupid things you did the first time.

Now 32 on the other hand, I enjoyed that year very much. Just old enough to no longer be stupid and just young enough to not hurt just rolling out of bed. Also I looked far hotter then than I did at 21. Go figure.

I would stop drinking. Now I am hung over.

hehe here in germany you was allowed to drink with 16 but now you must turn 18 our age of majority. Being more cool or something. And making a better decission on profession to go for. By the way drinking someone must tell me to do it, i cant get really a usage of drinking or benefit from it.

The book has already been written :p.

Since I am under either of the ages specified (18 :P), I will now proceed to bugger off :).

I posted in wrong topic!

I still would have mostly done what I have done. Assuming accidents cannot be avoided, and I knew how my life would turn out, I would have kept in touch with my High School friends though, over the years, and not lost touch. I would have fired people faster when they did not fit my company. I would still have married the same woman. I would still fall in love with computing (and Blender!). I would have taken better/more guitar lessons. Most importantly for all of you though, I would not have gone so deep into debt - Now that debt is weighing me down, but it sure didn’t seem like a bad thing at the time. I still would have traveled the world.

If that kind of thing happen anytime than i would like to do the fun and all the things that i use to do.:cool:

I’d definitely get my degree. Looking back that’s probably the thing I regret most. Having had a good paying job at one time… that market became overly saturated with people now even with 11 years experience, they won’t talk to me unless I have a degree. Seen it happen to 2 previous professions, IT and Drafting.

I would probably also eat better and exercise more. When you’re young, a lot of that shit don’t matter… you’re indestructible. But if you neglect long enough, it’s seems damn near impossible to rectify at an older age. A lot of my friends and family have suddenly been diagnosed diabetic.

each age has it’s own matters , for me i don’t like changing it …
18 btw

I’d make sure I’d know that the Marine Corps would be a waste of my time and just start picking up my programming books alot more instead, but insureing I still stayed far away from my current IT field. As it stands now, I’m basically re-teaching myself things I forgot long ago.

I’d also make sure I put about 10 grand into google to start my own 401k plan lol. Imagine having, instead of buying that car you bought years back for 10-15 grand, pumping all that money into a ‘new’ company that has blown up as much as google has and as quickly. I sure wouldn’t be sitting behind this desk managing internet and voip networks…grr to bad decisions in life.

I’d also make sure I waited a bit longer to get married…that really set me back for a good long time. Not sure wether I’d tell myself to pick a new wife or not :p. In case my wife’s picked up an account here----I’m only joking you know I love you! lol

21? That was a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Now I am 61. If I knew what I know now and had what I have now… wow… I would be strong!
Back then I was fresh out of the VietNam war and new on the streets of Haight & Ashbury. Swept head long by the violent tides of an unsettled era. Still affects me to this day. Wouldn’t want to do that over in a million years but I am really really grateful for where I am now.

lol :smiley: these are beautiful :smiley:

I’m 21 today. There is nothing special about it. But do continue talking, I’m making notes so I don’t screw up like you people did!