40 sec animation

my favorite subject, spaceships!!

I love spaceships too. :slight_smile:

Consider playing with some of the node effects within the compositor and you will be able to build on this animation further. A starting point would be engine glow (blur node) and motion blur (vector blur node)

Happy blending.

Almost reminds me of the Urquan dreadnought. Looking pretty good, keep at it!

thanks I was wondering how to do that.

Also the flash of light could be better after the ship warps out of sight. But what was flying out of the larger ship?

it was fighters, I used an object for a particle. I looked for the Urquan dreadnought online and I think this looks a little closer, but only a little. the race that owns the ship in the vid are called nevolarians.


I see. That explains it.

better? I still have alot to learn but I liked how it turned out.

It’s better. But this is what I meant. Take a look at the intro to any Star Trek series from The Next Generation to Enterprise. The four point flash of light that appears after the ship goes into light speed is what I was referring to. I only came across it by a mere fluke and used it for a test animation using a halo texture.

yeah I see what you mean, I had to go look to remember, that should be nothing more than an enlarged lines halo with 4 lines? 100 particles? do you add angular velocity to that? I might play with that this weekend, I like the entrance and exit they use in the original SG series for the ships in sub space also.

Actually, I came across a tutorial on how to create that kind of flash. Here’s the link for it.


I think what XeroShadow is referring to, is that the flash/halo effect should only occur as the ship goes out of sight. In your animation, you have the halo effect begin as the ship is beginning it’s warp.

So the basic breakdown:

  1. Ship Launches Fighters.
  2. Ship aligns to warp.
  3. Ship flies off into the distance.
  4. Begin halo flash just as ship goes out of sight.
  5. End halo flash maybe 15 frames after start.

Some suggestions regarding lighting.
I would suggest that instead of a top down lamp, have a single sun lamp situated to the right and up of the camera, and have it directed towards the ship, with an energy of 0.7 or there abouts. Then add a second sun lamp situated in the region of your background nebula, and match the colour of that lamp to the general colour of the nebula. This lamp should be a really low energy level like 0.1 or even 0.05, tweak it to suit. Then finally turn on ambient occlusion in the world settings, and set it to a really low level like 0.01 and set the type to “add”. With a little bit of experimentation, your lighting will greatly improve the end result.

Another suggestion, slow down the particle velocity of the emitter launching the fighters. Let us get a look as these little guys before they go off to blow something up. :slight_smile:

thanks for the info, unfortunatly I 'm starting to think that my vid card is going out I suddenly can’t render anything without it getting all blotchy, I’ve done reinstallations and reset the card but it’s still doing it, giving up for the night, that info will be put to use though.

while I agree that would look good with a warp exit, what I was going for was more of an entrance into subspace, kinda like babylon 5 or even SG but my own version and then it closing.

Just in case you don’t know: You can use the deformation grid to create a nice warp effect.

thanks for the info, I have been getting so much good advice it’s hard to know where to start lol!!!

Good and nice job.
Try to add some sounds ( motors of the engine, sound when shooting, music … ).