400+ Blender Tutorials for Beginning and Intermediate Users

You’re quite welcome. There are now closer to 500 tutorials and more in the pipeline! Thanks for watching.

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You’re very welcome.

Invaluable resources. thaks

It would be very helpful, with so many tutorials, to have a list, with a one-line description of what tool or technique the tutorial teaches, so people with specific questions can find what they are looking for. Even a list of titles would be good.

That’s a great idea. As I have them pre-organized on my hard drive for easy reference, I’ll spend a little bit of time starting next week and will create a page on my SciFiAnimator.com web site for easier reference for everyone else. Thanks for the feedback.

You’re very welcome.

Really quite disappointed with your Cycles series. Most of the time you simply demonstrate something cool you can do with your math drawing program, which isn’t available anywhere I can find. You spend hardly any time showing settings or node trees and explaining how they work.

You also seem to have some fundamental lacunae in your understanding of Blender. Did you know the file browser has a ‘thumbnail’ option? It didn’t seem so from the cycles tutorials, where you spent a lot of time trying to recall which texture was which, and having to actually apply them to an object to see what they looked like, rather than just checking them out in thumbnail view.

Your channel might be a lot more helpful if you separated your playlists into tutorials, where you tell people how to accomplish a task in Blender, and demos, where you show off something neat you have discovered or done.

I already noticed your vids. They are really helpful, so thank you for that. I especially like the softbody tutorials!

Short and focused. Doing starter/intermediate tutorials right. Great stuff!
As a new user I’ve been balled over by the quantity of good community/free expert support. You all rock!


You’re quite welcome. Thanks for watching.

These videos are very helpful for the starters and also for the professional one to learn more and more about the process and the videos are really very educative and serves the purpose.

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Great!!! Thank you so much!

Hey, thanks stormswirl - being new to 3D computer graphics I found your tuts very helpful … cool

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: i need this tutorial…

Awesome, subscribed. Great work there could help me greatly.

Can you post pdf tutorials because my pc is slow and i cant watch videos its simply not an option

This is very helpful! Thanks!