40K Space Marine

By thy colour will he know thee, By thy banners will he fear thee,
By thy standard will he dread thee,
Cry Marine, and let slip the weapons of war.:wink:Recently I’ve been doing lots of stuff, all are for practice, no real project, but then I played Warhammer!!:smiley: Thus comes an urge to create my favorite: the Space Marine
Still playing with its head but, I’d say its worth posting. Hope you like it!:smiley:


Looking good so far. I take it you’ve put your cartoon on hold for a while?

fcking sick i love warhammer

Here’s whats done:

Here’s whats not done:
and stuff that you’d like to suggest:confused:
just wanting what you say I should add or remove before I rig it.
Any suggestions??:eyebrowlift:

**hehe…Yesh Krayon, on hold for a looong while…I got discouraged when the files went kaput.D;


I’ve got the feeling that the torso area is too thin… otherwise it looks pretty much on the spot :slight_smile:

Great start but I think the proportions are a little bit off. I think the waist is too thin and the head is to small in comparison to the shoulder plates. Remember these are SpaceMarines and they are suppose to look bulky and dangerous.
Good job and keep us posted

While waiting I played with more textures!!! I put mud on my toy.:evilgrin: Space Marines, Get DIRTY!!
Heres what I’m planning in the long term:
“They’ll never get in. Even a chain fist wouldn’t break down that barricade.” A pale blue glow appeared in the corner
You’d think they’d try though. I mean, they’re not even trying to get in.
The glowing blue mist rapidly coalesced. The crunch of metal echoed from behind them
What was that?
The dark shape, now solid, raised an assault cannon and tore the two men apart in one fluid motion. A communicator cut through the static.
Teleportation complete. Targets terminated. Awaiting further instructions. :evilgrin:
Its time to learn animation!!!:eyebrowlift2:
But first…



hey that sound really cool what you are planning.
If you´d need or want someone to team up with you I´d were all in :slight_smile:

I has maded-eth the gun!!!:ba:
And also finished rigging!:yes:


Ok I’ve removed the armature and edited the proportions a bit. I didn’t see musk’s reply. After a second comment about the torso, I finally followed Lwerewolf’s advise. Reproportion!!!

**florianfelix: hahaha! I’ll think about that.:smiley:


It was mostly Musk’s advice… :slight_smile:
The detail isn’t exact but it looks good anyways :slight_smile: