40th aniversary version of the Z-Car?

(belac) #1

well its been a while since i posted, but i fianlly got some time. this is a creation of my own. an attempt to take the 72 Dotsun 240Z and combine it with eliments from the 80’s 300 and the new 350Z… i thought it turned out pretty well…

two images


(caleb williams)

(bg3D) #2

cool modelling/texturing. Give the cool thing a scene!
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  • little big d…er…bg

(0ptikz) #3

Whoa :o That is a truly beutiful Model!

But one question…Did you render that picture without oversampling? there are quite a lot of artifacts that need ironing out of the render.

Apart from that, it’s one of the sweetest cars I’ve seen done in Blender.

Oh - Yer gallery is superb too…

(wewa_juicyb) #4

sw33t little vehicle you’ve got there. I don’t like the mesh of the exaust though, it looks so… round. Maybe you forgot auto-smooth? The tires are also a little on the shinny side. Great work though. I especially like the cartoon-picture.