43m2 Interior- Archviz

Hi guys, this is my new interior project.
Hope u like it :wink:

This time, Ill try to answer every question.

Here my new funpage where you can see another project made in blender.














Another great design and vizualisations! I like it a lot!
The only problem I see is that the highlights are so overexposed - for example the bedding lacks any details.

You are right, but i really like this highlights :slight_smile:

Darn this could be a seriously good work!
I wont discuss about personal taste, but in my opinion the overexposure cuts away lot of the beauty resulting undeservedly unpleasing for the eye.
I’ve just played with only levels in your image in PS and I had a huge benefit (expecially on pics with no lost data, read below). No miracles but it’s something at least to gain some more contrast.
Consider that some of the images, have lost data, and this is a relevant mistake on what I suppose is the purpose of your project.


LazyVirus, thank you for feedback bro, i know what you mean but i really wanted to gain this sunny atmosphere.
anyway you are right.

Here you can try this interior on Gear VR

Outstanding work!

great works :wink:
what did u use as render engine ?

This project was made in octane render, i really like this engine.
Thank you for great comments :wink:

I really like the mosaic here. Architecture and designs are great, but there has been a lot of these modern white interiors. I really like the warm tones of the wood and the colors of the mosaic. They make this post stand out from the others. Well done!

wow! I love the sun light

Wait, aren’t these actual photos? :confused:
Great work mate!

wow, you made it again matelek. saved all of them in my inspiration folder. :wink:
okay, here’s my question.
what is your gpu? and how long to render this scene?
well, i bet you know vray, what is differences between octane compared to vray? (material. lighting, rendering workflow)
anyway, some raw renders would be great. :slight_smile:

Very nice matelek.
BTW, what wood material did you use for cabinets? We were recently rebuilding an interior of a house and used sonoma light oak wood material among others. And yours looks similar to it…

This project was rendered on 2x780ti and quadro k4000 in octane engine.
I think i was 2h per frame or something like that
Later ill write about my opinion and diferent between octane and vray.
iam very happy you like it :wink:

Great job, so many nice shots to choose a favorite from. I just can’t.

Great works!!

This really answered my question: This cant be Cycles! :smiley:

Ps. I really like these and am not troubled at all by the highlights. It’s a style like any other in photography.

Blenderwelder, thank you very much.
You understand my style :wink: