.44 Magnum

Here’s another gun I did recently, oldest to newest renders:

Tell me how you feel about it :slight_smile:

Nope, not there. Sorry. Get reference pictures of an actual pistol and study them closely. The proportions of the various pieces are wrong; if you tried to fire a bullet out of those chambers, they’d crack.

The lighting is flat, and consequently so are the barrels.

If you want to show me a pistol, show me a pistol. Get the camera close: don’t show me spent ammunition, and don’t put it on a faux-wood background that’s more visually interesting than the subject. Think carefully about presentation.

i agreem the handle looks to fat and the trigger is too sharp try to smooth the edges down a bit.

Okay, I DID have a reference picture, but it was a straight-on picture of the side, I had to wing the depth and everything from the front. sundialsvc4, you’re a bit harsh with your judgment, I appreciate the crits, but relax and tell me what I should change about it, not what would happen if it fired a bullet. Treb, thanks, I’ll change that ASAP.

And what comes to the background. Try another and give it another angle. It looks now like its floating in a air agains wooden wall. Try to get it have more “table” look.