45 Degree Reference Image

Hello. If i am modelling from a front, side and back reference, but also have 2 others at 45 degrees from the front and the back to help with the angles round the side, how do i use these 45 degree references?

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My guess would be to use empties with images applied to them.

i think the BLAM addon can work with image at angles!

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Ricky, BLAM has nothing to do with what he’s asking about and you’re just going to confuse the issue by bringing it up. He’s asking how to see his reference images from the proper view angle. Do you even read questions before you answer them?

nibbr, I’m guessing you have already used the viewport background feature to set your front and side view reference images successfully? If not, it’s in the number panel (N-key in the 3d viewport). For anything other than an orthographic view of left, right, front, back, top, and bottom, you’ll need a totally different approach. Map the images to plane objects and rotate them to the appropriate angle in the viewport. The Import Images As Planes addon is a nifty shortcut for that. You can enable the addon in File>User Preferences>Addons. Here’s a quick demo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WxhhQceY6A

If you have more than one of these off-angle references, I’d recommend organizing their plane objects into different layers so you can easily hide and show them as you work. For instance, keep your mesh object that you’re trying to model on layer 1, then put the left 45-degree image plane in layer 2 and the right in layer 3. You can toggle multiple layers’ visibility by holding shift while clicking on the layers.

You can also make a copy of your camera, set the pivot to cursor at the Center, and rotate from front view 45, and then set your background image to camera view there, as long as you set your camera (this particular one) to the dimension of your image.

This was the workflow I used before we got empties as images, and I do recommend K Horseman’s described technique as it works well.

Blam is more complciated but it can work with photo at any angle in perspective mode directly
and has the tools to convert it to an ortho model!
but it is more complicated to learn!

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Blam is for photo matching a single image for architecture and such. It makes rectangular geometry match set lines on a single photo. It’s not for setting up reference photos at odd angles in the viewport. The original question was about making two reference images visible in the viewport at the correct angles, not about making geometry conform to lines on a single image. Stop and think. Quit flooding the forum with confusing and irrelevant suggestions that don’t address the original question.

Thanks for your responses. I have no idea why i didn’t think of the plane approach before… makes sense! :slight_smile: