48 Hour Film Project - Doing it again!

Hey there everyone! Last year about this time we brought together an awesome team of artists from the Blender community to participate in the 48 Hour Film Project in Richmond, Virginia. I actually gave a presentation on this at last years Blender Conference. Well… I’m proud to say that the entire team from last year has returned (plus a few more additions) and we’re doing it again!

Not only are we doing it again, but we’re opening access to our production while we work. The production is happening this weekend (17-19 July) and we’re providing four ways for everyone to follow along:

  • The Hand Turkey 48 Hour Film Project Wiki - This is our central collaborative tool. Brainstorms, sketches, designs, task lists and workflow descriptions all live here. Check out the Recent changes page to see the latest updates.
  • #ht48hfp on freenode - We use IRC as our main means of real-time communication. If you have a preferred IRC client (Chatzilla, mIRC, Xchat, etc.), point it to the #ht48hfp channel on freenode.net. If you don’t have a client, you can use freenode’s web interface.
  • Follow us on Twitter - The entire team has access to update that account, so any of us can let you know what’s going on.
  • Streaming webcam footage - We are actually going to stream footage from webcams at the locations of some of our international team members so you can watch the craziness that ensues. We’re still hammering out the kinks on this, but we’ll have a direct link set up by Friday.
    If you have time this weekend, poke on in and watch as things unfold. Also, once the project is complete, we should be posting timelapse video and screencasts of us working. Hopefully, this will be as fun to watch as it is to work in… and it may just give some insights into how an internet-managed animated project can work!

Sounds interesting, can’t wait to check this out!

this is utter insanity, make sure to book yourselves into a spa after this to recover I will be keeping an eye on this and good luck.

I love this for the shear madness of it all. All the best.

A 48 hour long film?!!! That’s insane!

sausages and tyrant monkey: Thanks! It’s gonna be ridiculous and crazy. I’ll look forward to seeing you guys poke in.

Well, the actual finished piece is only 4-7 minutes long (I’m hoping to do 4… 7 minutes is a lot to animate). We just only have 48 hours to produce it. :smiley:

Also, I can’t believe I didn’t post a link to show who’s on the team. Check it out: we have some very talented people who’ve graciously agreed to come and play with us.

Wow, this is going to be crazy. I look forward to seeing the final result!
Just out of curiosity, how would one go about getting involved in future events such as this?

Hey there bruceape. The 48 Hour Film Project has events like this one all over the world and they actually have recruiting lists which you can add your name to in order to get on a team. Of course, I’m not sure how many other teams are doing animation. :slight_smile:

I actually specifically invited each member of the team to work with us for last year and this year. I’m not sure how we’ll handle it on future events.

In other news… We’re on Blender Nation! Woohoo! :smiley:

Best of luck guys, looking forward to see what u’re going to produce :slight_smile:

We’ll have some of our work sites with webcams. You can watch it happening here:

Beware… there are people here who haven’t slept :stuck_out_tongue:


We did it.!5 minutes 24 seconds of awesome. I worked with the best creative team ever. These guys are MACHINES. We’ll be posting a version of our film after the official screening next weekend.


Wheeeeeeeee! Congrats to everyone, especially the animators!

And thanks to Jason, for bringing everyone under his dictatorship to make this possible! :smiley:


Congrats all! Sorry I couldn’t pitch in but as it turns out my computer ‘fell apart’ this weekend and I’ve been installing things all over again. So probably wouldn’t have been much use anyway.

On a side note, I saw on the Animux (linux distro) website that it was used to help a team in the 48 hr film project. Lucky guess - was that your team? If so I’d be curious to hear how it all went because I just installed it.

Now get some sleep. All of you. Not coffee - real sleep!

Awesome fweeb. I was thinking about putting together a team to do the Pittsburgh challenge but wasn’t sure something high quality enough could be done in two (full) days at that run length. Can’t wait to see your entry – inspiration for next year’s 48. Congrats!

BenDansie: We did actually use Animux to help with this project. The creator of Animux, Mark Puttnam, has used Animux to build his own renderfarm and he was kind enough to work with us on this project. His farm was actually instrumental in seeing to it that this project completed. Without it, the best we could’ve done is a few rendered shots an mostly OpenGL previews. I have heaps of gratitude for the amount of work that our render team did.

harkeyman: Well, it certainly can be done… and each time we do it, we’ve gotten more and more efficient. How about we do a tour next year and participate in multiple 48 hour film projects? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, Ecks… you’re a modeling MACHINE. Thanks for helping out again this year!

Alrighty! The finished version of our animated short, Oversaturated has been completed and uploaded for all to see. You can watch it on Vimeo or YouTube… or you can do a direct download of the MP4 file. I had a great time working on this short and I can’t wait to do it again. Big thanks to the entire crew who helped put this thing together.


Not bad, considering the time you guys had to finish the project.

I liked the story too, I didn’t get bored (which I usually do with small “study” shorts), so kudos to ya!

Did you ever get to a point in pre-production where you thought “Are we insane for putting all these effects in?” Great job to everyone involved, that was a pretty ambitious project for only 48 hours from start to finish, cripes!

wow, that was awesome! congratulations guys for finishing this in that short amount of time. crude and absurd humor - very cool. what was it with that safe falling from the sky? a little hommage to “a fish called wanda”?
and all the fluid-sims and boids that you managed to stuff in it - very cool.
congrats and hats off!

Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have to admit that the fluid simulation and HD rendering was something special that I added after we completed the animation and turned it in for official judging. However, all of the animation, particle effects, and compositing was done and rendered to NTSC within the weekend. We probably could have simulated the fluid effect during the weekend, but transferring the bobj mesh files to any of the remote renderfarms would’ve taken far too long.

That said, I’m still really proud of this piece and I definitely appreciate everyone’s feedback on it. I’m really excited to see that folks are enjoying the crude and absurd humor. The safe falling from the sky is kind of a cartoon cliche that we wanted to play with and include. We figured that we pulled the “comedy” genre and we’re doing an animation… something has to fall out of the sky and crush someone. :evilgrin:

Oooh… that’s something else I should mention… the stipulations for the challenge. We [fortunately] pulled the Comedy genre out of the hat for our short. And all 38 participating teams (we’re the only one that did animation… because we’re crazy) had to include the following three elements:

Character: Michael or Michelle Dooley, “Green” Expert
Prop: a tomato
Line of Dialogue: “You can ask her yourself.”