49 W 86th Street - an architectural short film made with Blender & Houdini

My first short film shows a ‘day in the life’ of a New York apartment that I have designed. My aim to was to create a living, breathing environment, in contrast to the more sterile animations often seen in the archviz world. Everything was done by myself, apart from where acknowledged in the credits at the end of the film. The film was modelled and rendered in Blender with Cycles X, the visual effects were created in Houdini and the film was edited and color graded in Da Vinci Resolve. I hope you like it!

49 W 86th Street - A Short Film from Rowan Ibbeken on Vimeo.


great short film, the song fits perfectly.
and the archviz it’s neat.

Thank you!

Great work, congrats.