4D Programming Environment: Blender Architecture


Many of you programmers might enjoy this. It is a conceptual development environment that depicts the flow from a high-level component architecture down into source code.

The idea sprang out of my desire to isolate source code comments from source code, yet have both on the screen. From there, it seemed natural to involve class diagrams, UML notation, and methods grouped in related, yet spacially isolated, clusters.

Source code and comments are taken verbatim from a single method of a class used by the Audio Analysis tool.

Comments welcome.

Sweet. visual programming, and a great way to explore the codebase!

Heya, Pop-a-Smurf.

Tack on this thought: 4 different views.

  • Print. Everything is graphed and rendered back into a 2D plane. Strewn with familiar diagrams in classic UML format.
  • Virtual. Essentially, what is shown in the video. Grouping objects together in 3-space according to functionality, similarity, and possibly call-graph information.
  • Minority Report. Flat screen, finger and hand motions drive the environment.
  • Full-on Virtual Immersion. VR goggles and feedback gloves.Eventually programming is likely going to go in this direction. Kinda’ like The Matrix meets Star Trek’s holodeck.