4D Rubic's Cube

Found this over at slashdot today. Insane!! Small download, various flavors.


Enjoy! :slight_smile:

that puts your mind round the bends
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i played with the thing opnline it’s way too hard i’ve never even solved a regular ribucs cube and then from that it had a link to a 5D one and people have actually solved that i’m like wtf. the most i’ve ever solved on a riubics cube was one side

Grief! First there was the original, then come all these other wacky variations :wink:


ya the only way i’ve ever gotten a rubics cube back to the solved way is take it part and put it back together the right way

A rubics cube is really not that hard to solve, it’s all about sequential moves and what they modifiy. The problem is most people erroneously try to solve a side at a time, when you should solve levels, so keeping one face to the top constantly, then solving the top layer, then the middle, and finally the bottom (keeping in mind any one side can be top/bottom, so long as you keep it constant throughout the solving). Usually you can get the top layer in around a minute or two, the middle and bottom layers are a fair bit hard, but still doable so long as you think about the overall effect on the cube whilst you move the smaller cubes around.

I’m sure there are many sites on the net that explain it in a much easier to understand way than I just did. Anyone can solve it, it’s just a matter of knowing the tricks :slight_smile: