4GB **Slower** than 2GB?

Yay, Im getting a new notebook. but I have heard reports that 4GB can actually be slower than 2GB of Ram, because the 2GB modules have higher access times than the 1GB ones. Should I go with 4? or is it total waste.
the ram would be ddr2 5300 667mhz cas latency=5 notebook ram
nvidia mobility 8600GT 512
intel core2 duo t7500 2.2 4mb
Vista32 (probably an xp partition too)

ohh also, for blender fluids, which write a lot to HDD, is 7200 really faster? or will it just drain my power.

Anyone with experience or knowledge of the 4gRam or 7200 hd, I BEG you to answer, cuz I just have a few days.

PS (I am aware of the windows 3.5GB limit etc., I’m just thinking practically)

get 4!!!

especially if you ever want to use something like Zbrush.
There are quite a few new 64bit applications coming out soon too, you might want to go 64 bit for a new system.

You may also wish to try the /3GB switch if you are running windows.

thanks, I’ll go with 4gb and 7200. but 64 bit, I dont know, It scares me. drivers drivers drivers. but since Im planning on having this machine for probably 3 years, maybe 64 IS the way.

Yea, Drivers are scarce,
If you go 64 bit, I suggest running win XP x64 rather than vista…many many more drivers.
You can just dual/multi boot too if you need… can have vista, X64, and the 32bit XP if you want :smiley:

7200 is much much better than 5400 rpm, you’ll definitely notice.

Of course, 10.000 rpm is even faster, and 15.000 even more so, but still. 7200 is nice :slight_smile:

64bit linux ftw :wink:

so its safe to say that I’ll have a lot less hardware issues with XPx64 as opposed to Linux64?

doubt it…

Yeah, 64-bit Linux is a good way to go. I would recommend a dual-boot like Mmph! suggested, but with XP 32-bit (or Vista if you really want it) and 64-bit Linux.

I read somewhere that V32 and XP32 have a four Gig memory limit. As the graphics memory and other resources also need to be adressed it might get into swapping memory banks. For more than 3GB it might be better to use a 64-bit version.