Since the AMD GPUs are rendering very fast in Blender 2,75 i am considering buying a Fury X - but my main concern (beside pump-noise) would be the 4GB of VRAM - is it too less for rendering in Blender? I know… i depends what you are doing…
Maybe some people can share their experiences if 4GB VRAM is enough for them - this would help me a lot.

I was doing some research and in my case (some archviz work here and there) I think 4gb is not enough. But I guess people that are using 4gb cards can tell more.

Hi cisto, look to your files, if you use often 1-2 GB for your projects a 4 GB card is to small
For my small tests and projects my 4 GB card is more than enough.

Cheers, mib

It depends on your know-how… to optimize the scene.
Am from the era of 3GB RAM limit on CPU, few MB of VGA RAM, snail rendering times (as snail-mail nowadays compared to sms)… The difference is that ARchviz scenes nowadays are just bloaty-bloated, messy, poorly organized and almost never optimized… poly counts are getting ridiculously extreme to no real effect, nobody knows how to render in tiles anymore (to create XtraLarge images), nobody knows the old methods & techniques of how to fake lights, GI, shadows, caustics, DOF, do a matte painting & composite, lessen the texture sizes, have a style, do concept art… everyone one want’s to do it all PHOTO-REAL in one go… yet the final results are not that much better.
Take a look at the winners & nominations of cgarchitect competition in 2005… or search for some older renders to see that RAM is not a priority, it helps though your style, technique, methods, knowledge will give you good clients & good work and consequently a good life.

If you’re just a humble beginner, eager to walk the path of ArchViz mastery, you’ll soon learn how to avoid RAM overflow. You’ll also very quick understand that there are always some limits/borders which one must know how to bend or curve… without sacrificing too much.

Take it easy & enjoy the path.

It is also better to know how to do more with less then less with more :wink:

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