4th of July Fireworks

I know that it isn’t the 4th yet, but I’m going to be gone over the 4th and won’t be able to post anything then (I won’t have access to a computer). This was made very quickly, but I am not going to work on it any more, so it is done. C&C welcome, except I won’t be doing anything else on this project, so it’ll have to wait till next time. I know it is far from perfect, yet it’s better then just imagining it, and never sharing it (I had a better picture in my head, but I wanted to get this done quickly). Anyway, here it is…

How about an endless loop? Edit just stops in the middle.

Pretty explosions. Maybe the sparkles could generate some light that fades. And a glow around the explosive particles would be nice (also fading as the burn expires).

To reach a wider audience you might consider mpeg or some other format. Windows Media is proprietory and has limited distribution.

One quick comment:
Since you used vectored particles, you can actually see the rocket vector flipping as it begins its decent. Not a big deal, but it should be easy to fix.
Simply set the particle life a bit shorter so it “dies” before it plummits.


My suggestions:
-Give particles a randlife value so they don’t disappear at the same time.
-Make the particles fade out. To do this insert an alpha keyframe (i in material panel) with full alpha at around frame 90 (for example) and another with 0 alpha at frame 100.

How about some color? :wink: