4th try on head

(kaktuswasse) #1

Ok, here is another try. This time it’s an alien.
cya henrik

(kaktuswasse) #2

here’s another rendering
cya henrik

(digitalSlav) #3

very nice although there is a funny fold at the bridge of the nose and in the cheek. dont know how noticable this turned out in your render though since it’s so dark.

(garbager) #4

I LOVE your second redering, very good light, and overall feeling, that’s very beautiful.

(Dittohead) #5

nice 8) very 8) nice

(kaktuswasse) #6

Thank you very much guys!!
played a bit with the lighting:

cya henrik

(bmax) #7

great lighting, but since your focus is the model, you need to work on it a lot. pull the nose out a bit or smooth the cheeks to make the face have a more…hmm…balanced surface…

(kaktuswasse) #8

here is a little update:
cya henrik

(ScottishPig) #9

Powerful pic- very moody. Nice! Very nice.

(LohnS) #10

wow that 2nd render makes him look very far from anything, like a human would perceive an alien. Those lights in the eyes make him look all misty and thoughtful, amazing how you made all these emotions for an alien =D

I like the 2nd one more then any though.

ok I rekon, 2nd is my fav, and would be better with a bit of 4, maybe a bit more lighting from top diagonal on the camera side, try to make the mouth as shaded by shadows as possibel like in the 2nd one.

in breif, 2nd one is my favorite lol

(S68) #11

Your rendering are very good!

I do agree on the strange fold in the nose others have noticed, and I think you might add some skin textures, both bumping and coloring…


(kaktuswasse) #12

thank you very much. But i still dont get what strange fold you guys mean :stuck_out_tongue:

cya henrik

(Al_Capone) #13

What strange fold ? Come everybody, its an Alian, no guild lines on those.