4WD, The Game (Stunt Race FX/Wild Trax-like), need people!

Hello people! :eyebrowlift:

I’m currently working on a little game I called 4WD. I took inspiration directly from Stunt Race FX/Wild Trax which runs on Super NES/Famicom.

To know what Stunt Race FX/Wild Trax is, please check the few links below:

Google Images

Now, lets talk about 4WD, the game.

The principle remains almost the same as the original game:

  • Racing, without weapons, but with boost and damage.
  • You race against three opponents. But for the moment, no opponents.
  • Checkpoints/Time Extend.
  • Damage appears when you collide the other cars, the walls, and all the stuffs on the tracks. When the damage bar is full, the race ends.
  • I would like to create two classes: Normal and Race. Normal is the normal mode and Race is obviuously the mode with enhanced cars.

That all for the moment, the game developpment is just beginning!

4WD graphics and environment:

  • Blender Game Engine. I think creating this game with it is possible!
  • Old school ‘polygon graphics’, using smoothed and solid polygons, vertex paint and only a few and poor textures.
  • Lots of things may happens on each tracks, like planes are flying near the track, rocks are falling, the road can have some holes, springboards…

4WD controls:

  • Left and Right to turn on both directions. An extra key for better steering.
  • Acceleration, Brake/Rear and Boost keys.

4WD cars:

  • The 4 vehicles from the original game: The 4WD, the Coupe, the F-Type and the 2WD.

  • I would like to add extra cars like a mini-van, a beetle-like car and a GT-like car. Both should be bonus cars with excellent specs on speed, damage resistance, handle, etc…

I’m calling for help to create this game. This is not a commercial game, it will be released for free and open source and to begin I’m searching for:

  • BGE/Python coders to work on the cars physics, the game coding in general, all that needs codes somewhere.
  • A music composer to create some fun musics. He/she may also work on the sound fx.
  • A 2D graphist to create the game layout: start screen & menus, layout during the game.

I’m working on the 3D graphic part and track/cars design. I will also be the ‘director’ of the project. Don’t be afraid, I’m not a tyrant :stuck_out_tongue: I just want to create a cool game :eyebrowlift:

Of course, everyone who wants to join is welcomed! The more ideas and advices we have, the better it is!

Now here’s what it looks like so far:

  • The Cars

4WD: (6880 tris)


Coupé: (4930 tris)


F-Type: (5800 tris)


2WD: (4194 tris)



  • The demo:
  • The blend file:

(to play: Q/S and Left/Right)

If you’re interested by this projects, you can contact me by PM or reply.

And the last words: ‘Please, help me!’ :evilgrin::rolleyes:

First I’d like to say that those are some nice models you’ve got there! I have never been able to model a good looking car like that. Terrific Job!

  1. One problem I noticed right away, when you hit things it stops you as if it were a brick wall. They should only slow you down a small amount. Traffic cones weigh about 2 pounds… not nearly enough to stop a 6000 pound car going 120 mph… :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. I’d like to help a bit with texturing/level design/props. I’ve found those are what I’m good at!


The demo is amazing man. Keep up the good work.


Thank you.

I need serious help for all the physic stuffs of the BGE. But normally, the traffic cones shouldn’t stop the car, except if the car doesn’t touch the road anymore (the car cannot move if it doesn’t touch the road) and because the car doesn’t have acceleration/deceleration, it looks like the car is stopped by the cone.

All the help you may give is welcomed, man! Thank you in advance :yes:


Thank you and I hope the future demo will be way better!

Ok, here’s a new demo of my little game:

And the current blend file:


The car has finally some physics. I found a great tutorial which explain what to do :cool:

Time to work on some real tracks I guess :evilgrin: