4X4 Off Road Buggy

This weeks work in progress. The wheels will be changed, I don’t think they fit the model. Poly count is around 7,000 quads.http://home.mchsi.com/~stevenfhorton/media/FrameBuggyWIP.jpg

Pretty awesome. :smiley:
And you’re right about the tires, they should be more chunky, and not like construction vehicles. :wink:

Looks good. For the tires some sand-digger or paddle style tires like dune buggies use would look better. Also, for something this tall and narrow I would expect the rear well track to be wider than the front. Right now the front and rear wheel seem to have the same track and it looks too narrow IMHO. This will be a good complement to your 4x4 truck.

Todays work; tires are normal mapped.


Those tires are definitely more of what I would expect to see on a dune-buggy or sand rail.

This weeks progress. Rendered with Blender Internal. Still have some issued to fix.