4X4 Offroad Buggy

Here is my finished off road vehicle. It has 7,067 polys, rendered with blender Internal.


I like it! Good for a low poly too. Think I’ve seen your wip thread. Why don’t you try to put the first wheels you’ve made at the rear and leave the front as they are now? Just a thought… http://www.dragtimes.com/images/8828-2001-%20Other-Dune%20Buggy.jpg
EDIT: Wish the BGE could handle such a polygon no… Your buggy would be great for a game! (Wonder how good could it look @ 800-1000 polys)

For something lopoly it looks really good.

Another great looking vehicle. I assume this is for your UT2004 Unwheel mod, the same as your 4x4 truck. Got any In game shots of this one?

DichotomyMatt, I am no longer working in UT2004, I have been working exclusively in UT3 since it came out, for UnWheel 2.
gr8!, UT3 seems to have more of an effect with normal maps than Blender does, However, I may have to redo the wheels if they don’t look right in UT3.