5,000 USD for your DNA

www.sellmydna.com is offering 5,000 USD for a strand of your DNA. The catch? They patent your DNA and you no longer have the rights to it. Then, they use your DNA for organ farming, cybernetics, and stem cell research.

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ewwwwww, i wouldnt sell my dna.

This whole cloning/dna/stem cell business has gotten way out of hand. I remember when it all started and we were all assured that it would NEVER reach to the human level. Bah! Now you can not even be sure what you eat is not cloned. Writing on the wall, shortly you won’t know if who you meet is cloned. or if what you eat is even a singular species. Also, can you imagine sentient beings being cloned up for spare parts for those that are cruel and rich enough to do so? Yuk!
Pandora’s box, and the lid has been lifted.

Edit Besides that, I don’t think that I could stand more than one of me!! :slight_smile:

Good find VenomSeven! But, this is scary, how much money they have!!?? For 1000 people they are ready to pay 5.000.000$!!?? Dang!

Your DNA is not what makes who you are. If this were true, then twins would act exactly the same. Even if they do clone you, you won’t have to worry about loosing your soul.

What I would worry about is this… lets say you sell your DNA to these people. Then secretly, they breed and train an army of criminal terrorists. DNA evidence would be collected at crime scenes, and you would be apprehended… while your clones continues to reek havok. Don’t think you’ll be let out when the police realize that you have clones… no bureaucracies don’t work that way.

A slightly less sci-fi scenario would be that they clone a fingernail, and plant the evidence at a crime scene.

Either way…

You’ll be left in prison to rot.

Edit: This is a scam btw. [1]

My bullshit detector is blaring. This is some kind of scam.



It’s satire.

I will answer your question with a question. Why would I sell the copyright–and all that entails–to my entire cellular structure, for piddling small change that any chump could make with a little hard work and with any amount less moral, legal and physical risk involved in getting it?

Though the site is just proven to be a satire, the point still stands. :stuck_out_tongue: Fortunately for me I didn’t vote ‘NO EVAR RAR’ or freak out or anything.

Or maybe this guy is trying to tar stem cell research with the harvesting human organs brush and only claiming it’s satire.

Or scary scenario: One day you will lose leg and your doctor will not be able to make you a new one out of your DNA because it will be copyrighted… Who knows what is behind…

I’m sick of those big shots appropriating everything to themselves, even water and air that they pollute and now our very fiber ?
I am really surprised though that they offer so much (although those must be US dollars…) while they hold most of the world into abject poverty: they must be after white DNA.
My foot up their ass, that’s what they’d get from me and I claim no copyright to it.


Not to worry too much, Faux news already has a patent…

What do you mean by “rights”

Only 5000 to sell the rights to your DNA.

Seems like they’re short changin ya there;)

No fucking chanche in hell I would ever do that.

Unfortunately, many people would. People who don’t care, people without knowledge about DNA and what it’s for (trust me, they exist) and many other kinds.

Look, there’s even one of them on these boards.

no way!.. if they want my shits DNA then ok but not mine

I have nothing against stem cell research(I could use a new lung myself), but I wouldn’t sell my DNA for any price. That’s the only thing that’s truly mine in this world and call me sentimental, but despite all its flaws I still love my DNA.

They can get your DNA from a strand of hair or a toothbrush. There is no need to pay you for it.

All this being hypothetical, since this is fiction news, they wouldn’t want your DNA only but the exclusive rights to its genes. Considering that it is already attempted to patent the simple mapping of the human DNA why stop there when patenting the variants of that mapping, the expressions that each gene takes is just one step away ?

You don’t need a stupid website to buy people’s hair or spit. In some parts of Europe people are selling their babies for less than a few thousand bucks and in third-world countries they are selling parts of their bodies for a few hundreds.:stuck_out_tongue: