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Another Cycles render.


How did you get the texture on the floor? i can’t figure out how to use textures in cycles :s

Nicely done btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet!! but maybe a little less bumps and some reflections!

simple but clean and beautiful :smiley:

Very good I like it

here is how you add a texture in cycles

I was going to say still life, but I think it’s just too different. It’s art.

OMG thankyou have been looking for ages lol wish i knew before i posted my last thread :s lol ah well

Needs some color variance on the shells and some normal mapping on the table, yet otherwise this is a very elegant piece of art :slight_smile:

modeling from blenderguru tutorial? nice anyway.

Nope, I just happened to have a few hundred real life examples laying about.

Very nice - looks like an HDR photo.

As for the bullet, it is perfect already! Nice work!