5-6 weeks and im going nowhere

okay, basicly, so far im not really getting all that far in blender, and there are alot of buttons i kinda want to touch but fear if i do my screen might explode… kablam… cha… just like that. anywho, i have a few questions.

A.) how patient should i be with blender? do i have to sculpt every last detail down to the corner or am i doing it the slow way? lets say you were making a human, how long would it take?

B.) are there any tutorials on explosions, now im not very good with the terminology but i dont just mean watching the faces of the mesh’s be pushed into random locations in the air, i mean like… kablamo… y’know… fire… teh burning… that kind of thing? if not, what do i call that? particle somthing or other i keep hearing

and… i think i can end the questions there… but… yah. lil’ halp. oh and, any lil’ tips on the side would be apreciated. so far iv modeled an eye with eyelids… a little cartoony… but it works ;). but thats not all ofc, a snowman, a stick… well iv done quite a bit of modeling. but im still going nowhere, please halps.

A) you need to be patient with your learning curve, not with Blender. And you not only need to learn the tool but the basics of drawing the human body to understand basically the anatomy of the subject that you’re gonna model. Modeling a human body takes as long as 2-5 hours to weeks, depending on the knowledge of the user.

B) An explosion could be a mix of various techniques, as well as particles with explode modifier, more particles to make smoke, some random meshes to make debris. I think that i’ve seen tutorials on explosions, smoke trails, nuclear explosions, and all that, try googling :wink:

It’s an art medium. Suppose it were a pencil: almost anyone can pick up a pencil and make a doodle immediately, but to draw a photorealiistic render in pencil takes a lot of time, and a lot of knowledge and practice beforehand.

I recommend taking a look at Ryan Dale’s Introduction to Character Animation first, to get comfortable with modeling in general, then Joan of Arc for some advanced work on humans.

Sculpt seems to work best when you’ve got a good base mesh, I’d recommend learning how to model without it first, once you’ve got the base mesh modeling down, add the details and the subtle reshaping with sculpt.

As to explosions, even the expensive commercial packages rely on third party add-ons to do realistic explosions. You’re looking at a combination of particles, modeling, compositing and lighting to get an explosion look just right. Best advice I can give you there is to always remember that you’re trying to make it look like an explosion, not be an explosion.

great advice guys, thank you, but tbh i really can’t draw, and as i say some of the terminology is confusing, im not even sure what particles are ^^. well… in a sciency way i know what they are but on blender. heh. but yeah, thanks for the advice. btw, about the learning curve thing, yeah, i guess i just got a bit silly really, just read one or two things about how people have learnt to use it like a pro in two weeks. anywho… ill take my time a little more with it and try to be a little patient. any more comments are more than welcome :slight_smile: