5 faced shape?

every time i have ever gont to make a five faced shape it has said that it wasnt possible. saying something about an FGon… why is it called an fgon and not a pentagon? why cant you make it…
and finally how is it possible to make the ilusive FGon in this image

is it rally a 5 sided shape? or some kind of trick? how is this trick done?

thanks all

An FGon is a “Fake”-Gon. It’s used to make a mesh look less confusing by hiding edges, but without changing the shape of the mesh or what it looks like rendered. So you can select a number of faces, hit F, and select Make from the FGon menu.


a fgon merely shows any number of existing faces as a single one

I think they’re completely useless, especially when you’ve used real ngons

What those answers really mean is that Blender doesn’t actually support faces with more than four edges - but it will allow you to make FGons which look like faces with more than four edges but really, Blender just hides the internal edges it creates. So a pentagon would actually be a quad face joined to a tri face.

I believe you should try to avoid them in organic (subsurfed) modelling.