5 MIN late WC Entry - Lily Fountain

well, to my dissatisfaction, i missed the WC entry deadline by 5 MINUTES! :< :< :<
but I worked hard (well on sunday anyways - didnt start till late) so i still wanted to show people.


tell me what you think!

Quick, send a PM to theeth. He let Desoto in late one time, maybe he will let you in.


Im lagging like crazy. Im not trying to hijack your thread, i thought i was at the main forum.

Anyway, as you have seen, i feel your pain man. That looks really good too.

that looks good enos… but mabey you should have posted it in your own thread :expressionless:

anyways, what do you think about my fountain?

oh, i sent a PM to theeth, but i havent gotten a response yet (but its only been about 7 minutes anyways)

well, theeth was gracious enough to accept my [barely] late entry (and it wont happen again!)

still, please give me your C&C, because you usually dont get these in the WC voting threads.

WOW :o :o

That is incredibly good, if i had seen it earlier i would of voted for it!!!

u might even win, thats good work. :smiley:

Very good water material. Maybe all of the contestants should post their water-texture-configuration so that in the future we have some sort of library on how to do good water with blender.

btw: How do I make those cool screensshots from inside blender? I remember there to be a key. But cant remember anymore. Or do I just make screensshots from blender?

thanx mystery00, but i dont think ill win, as i havent got any votes yet, that seems to be my reputation… :-? :wink:

jerri, im not sure how to do the screenshot from inside blender, but i know in windows you can press printscreen for a full screen capture.

i just rendered an improved version, will post soon.

Cool! It needs ripples around where the water falls into the lake/sea/pond, and some mateball splashes, and it’s hard to tell if some bits are glass or water, but other than that it’s great!

thanx for the comments guys.

well… i submitted the final version to the blender art gallery, lets just hope it stays there… :smiley:

[subliminal message] me desperately begs for votes and comments in the gallery :frowning: :wink: [/subliminal message]

Great work on the stone texture.
Also the water in the pools is perfect. Very convincing surface reflections.
A good addition to the gallery.