5 Minute Art

So, I was sitting in my office between shows and a friend of mine told me I should make something cool in the next 5 minutes so as I was bored I figured I’d give it a shot. Here’s what I came up with.

If any of you get bored you should give it a try and see what you come up with for your own 5 minute art, it really is a pretty entertaining challenge, and I’d love to see what you come up with.

nice, i like that :slight_smile:

Just Curiosity, Did you finish modelling in 5 minutes or Rendering too? With all the array modifiers i think it may take time.

Nice Art Though. :slight_smile:

Cool, dunno why but it looks painful :wink:

OK, you need to take 1 minute to write up a quick description of how you did that. I know it has something to do with a suzanne, and something to do with particles (probably, or some arrays). And I’ve spent an hour trying to make it, with no success. Please share!

@benu, I just played around with the same thing, pretty easy to accomplish. I used the cube, then created a array which had the offset controlled by an empty.

Then created Suzzane and then used dupliverts (Duplication > Verts). I selected the cube array first, then added Suzzane to the selection and used ctrl-p to parent. That creates duplicates of the array for each vert in the suzzane mesh. The key was checking “rotation” in the duplication settings.

Check out the sample blend: duplivertsArray.blend (416 KB)

Love me some dupliverts!

As far as the 5 minute project, I did a couple 5 minute projects! I have to admit the black balls one was cheating a little, I had already had the ball modeled before I started (as you can imagine it took me hours to model that sphere in a previous blend session). These probably took slightly longer than 5 mins (not including render time)!

Fun just throwing things together to see what happens!

I’m interested to see other peoples 5 min projects!

Awesome – thanks crazycourier!
I think it might be interesting to have 5-minute Suzannes: you have 5 minutes, but have to build it around a suzanne… (Explore textures, materials, lighting, rendering, sculpting, arrays, etc, all based on the monkey.)

Wow, thats pretty cool! The idea is a bit scary though. :{

this is a lot harder than you would think :stuck_out_tongue:
i spent about 2 mins thinking of what i was going to make.
here it is:

Wow, this thread suddenly got a lot more popular lol. Nice work on the art guys. As for mine, yes rendering was done in 5 minutes as well, I have a pretty beefy computer though. Crazycourier was pretty much right on how I did it. I actually used a particle system instead of dupliverts to give me more control over how the starting cubes for the arrays were positioned. Nice stuff guys, keep it coming.

Thats pretty sweet i must say!

wow I’ve seen a lot of things done with suzanne, but this is by far the best! Great job! I’m gonna take this challenge sometime :slight_smile:

Nice one, it’s impressive to think it was done in only 5 minutes.

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