5 mouse buttons


I was wondering for Blender i bought a 5 button mouse, well actually a six button because one button is for DPI ??
Its from CO-crea, but i had no luck of finding drivers there, so i wondered maybe other designers here use mouse with extra buttons too, and now where to find what drivers to use, and maybe have advice on how to use it best inside Blender.

I have a logitech mouse with 5 buttons and a wheel, I map one of the extra buttons to the enter key, which makes dealing with pop-up notifications much faster. I also mapped one of the buttons to f6 so I could pull up the last operator settings pop-up quickly, but honestly, I forgot that I had mapped that, and never use it! But I guess it’s a good idea in theory…

As far as your particular mouse, I have never heard of that brand, so I have no advice for driver issues, sorry!

still thanks for those tips F6 great one