5 picture board

so for my friends birthday i’m making a 5 picture board that shows her absolute favourite things, singing, dancing, doctor who, pokemon and harry potter.
each picture works together, their colours [from right to left] will be red, purple, dark blue, light blue, green.
these photo’s are only 4 of the 5 i need to do and i’ve got like 7 days to do them, they also need more work done and a higher res/sample render
hope you like them, comment your thoughts


this is going to be a photo of a girl singing. from her mouth there will be music staves and notes coming out. these staves move through the other four photos. the notes used in each photo will have the actual written music of each theme song/related musical piece to do with that photo.
eg. the wand will have the harry potter theme song written in the staves behind it. the dancer will have classical music written on the staves. etc


Awesome works!
Like the style,feeling mysterious!

thanks heaps :slight_smile:

Great idea, and well done! :smiley:

Nice work, tristaphobia! Even though the subjects are all unique and different from each other, you’ve managed to present them in a coherent style. Very well done, I’m sure your friend will adore them!

Would you be able to tell us how you created the effect of the green particles in the Harry Potter image? I’m currently working on a project, and would very much like to learn how to apply the effect myself.

hey thank you so much everyone for the compliments i really appreciate the feedback

sure of course. to be honest i used blender guru’s sparks tutorial, taking the tips from the compositor and emissions parts.

  1. add your object that you want to create particles with. add a particle system, size the sphere up to however you want. mines quite small
    emission: start. 1, end. 200, lifetime. 200, random. 0.9 [random will eventually make the emissions fade out]
  2. add a sphere, this will be the emission object, give this object a name and an emission material.
  3. click on the particle emitter and go down to render in particles menu. make the rendered object the sphere, it’s size should be very small i’ve got mine at 0.015, the random size needs to be 0.900, [these random values create a more natural random effect, if that makes sense lol]. turn down the gravity to 0.00 the movement will be done using forces
  4. add a turbulence in the centre of the emission sphere. shape is point. strength: 10.000, noise: 0.00, size:0.260, flow: 4.680

for some reason i have 2 wind forces
one of them is in the same place as the emission sphere. strength: 2.602 [put this one in the same layer as the emission sphere]
the other one is at about the centre of the wand length. strength:93.963 [put this one in a separate layer]
5. just below the sphere add a cylinder, delete the bottom and top faces and scale down on the z axis. up the subdivisions to about 2 or 3. apply it. and apply the same type of particle system [separate though so you can tweak them separately]
6. this cylinder needs to be in the same layer as the wind force that’s at high speed.
7. with the particle emission of the cylinder. start it at 160, and end it at 170. this give the sphere to create it’s burst of particles.
the lifetime is 10. and random is .9 again.
8. the number only needs to be 1,000 but the sphere needs to be high. 10,000 to 60,000. i have 30,000.
9. go to the render menu [camera button] and turn on motion blur. set the shutter to 2.00
render it and see what happens lol
10. if everything went well then go into compositor and select scene to play with the render composite. add a glare, and in front add a colour balance.
11. the glare should be fog glow and at high. mix:1 size:9 threshold:0
12. the colour is determined by the colour balance. by using the gamma palette change the colours to how you want. edit the gain too if you want to make a more intense light.

i think that’s it. if not then message me again. after i’ve given the present over i’ll be putting all of these up on blendswap :slight_smile:

idk why you’re asking me for help haha :slight_smile: i’m looking at your page and your work is far better than mine. i use dark scenes because it’s easier than light ones. basically i’m cheating lol :slight_smile:

i might even do a few video tutorials when i’m not busy

Thank you, tristaphobia! That helps a lot. I’m surprised by your very detailed explanation, usually I don’t receive so much information. I’m very grateful!

And thank you as well for your kind words. To be honest, I wouldn’t say I’m very good with Blender; I’m really just a generalist. I can’t model well, or animate well. I mainly just use Blender as a filmmaking tool, so there’s not really time to focus on anything specific and master it. If I’m good at anything, it’s because I’ve been doing the same basic things in Blender for years now, and because of the wonderful community of helpful Blender users here who’ve passed their knowledge on to others.

I’m sure you’ll be able to surpass my level of ability in no time! And thanks again for the help!

Did you model the dancer? She looks nice…

hehe. i don’t know if i’ll do a pokemon because i was planning on doing rapidfire, which is a flaming unicorn -_- she really loves unicorns.
yea but the red flames wont be able to fit with the colour theme i have. so it may just have to be a unicorn
and yes i did model the dancer. it’s my only successful model with correct human anatomy

no problem i’m glad to help :slight_smile:

this is awesome…good work dude :evilgrin::evilgrin:

OMG…THAT’s awesome.

thank you so much everyone for the amazing feedback i really appreciate it. man i wish there was a like button haha :smiley:

nice work, hope you make it till the deadline…

i know right. lol i have 5 days

Nice work

I saw your render on the Blender Guru sparks particle tutorial as well.