5 recent works (Wasp, Mouseclock etc)

Hello fellow Blenderers. Here are some recent works of mine.

(click the thumbs)







Captain Steve’s Jetcar


And a really quick one (done in under an hour)

My Special Place


As always, I am looking for ways in which to improve so all helpful comments are appreciated. Thank you for viewing my work.



I saw that you entered that last one into the weekend challenge, bit late notice though…
I’m liking that wasp though, how long did that take to make/render ect. Also, a wire might be nice…

The wasp was made over a period of about 4 days if I remember correctly. Each day I just tackled the task of sculpting a different piece of the model. Rendering was under 2 minutes. Most of the colouring was post processing.


Wow, you should share up your blender theme on your site! I really dig that! (I dig your art too - I actually like the ‘flat’ looking house. Not typical 3d style. I like ‘different’!

LiquidApe: Thanks! I’ll see about putting up a download link to my startup.blend on my site :smiley:

Here’s my theme for anyone who wants it :slight_smile:

Robo’s Theme

I like that wasp!

It seems like you’re taking after Robert T a lot, though. Not sure whether that’s good or bad… :confused:

Tug: I’m currently a ‘young artist’, meaning I haven’t been at this for a very long time so I’m still trying to find my style. I do hang around the Weekend Challenge a lot thus the Tiess influence. He’s a master, I am not. How to become a master? Copy the brush strokes of another master. That said, I don’t want to be the next RobertT, I want to be the first Robo3Dguy.

Hope that made sense :o And thanks for the compliment about the wasp.

I really like the last picture, it has this calm overall feel to it. I like the render style how did you achieve this?

With that last picture, I was talking to Evil Moon Moose, and he has already started a project similar, only it used lights to project the image onto a plane, so far it’s coming along nicely i think…
And again, great work on that wasp…

The last pic, My Special Place, was made using flat, planar objects. No 3D geometry in the scene. Also, I used pure Ambient Occlusion for lighting, no lamps. And finally, some post-production to tweak the colours into a nice mood.

Thanks for the comment.


Thanks a lot Robo! and your welcome.