5 word story

What you do is add 5 words in your post which make sense to write the story. I’ll start it off…

One day I decided to

please do not start this

They would better lock this.

Why lock it? Won’t hurt anyone. (I hope! :D)

One day I decided to go to the store and 

you have my vote too

the store? this is dumb.

then why has nobody responded to the initial request?

Most replies had five words.

Can’t we take this seriously?

who takes anything seriously here ?


Adults don’t take everything seriously.

Adults doesn’t have five words

Adults use grammer better though


I am using five words.

HA HA HA, I love that, I am going to put that up in my house. (Yes I know It was me that was stupid, I haven’t slept enough to post here)

I was actually referring to new_neo, but I guess that image is multi-purpose.

post it again for Jackj.

I just laughed harder justin