.50 cal Bullet

Hey I’m modelling this bullet and asking for your help. I spent a long time geting the copperish color just right, and that’s what I came up with. Any suggestions for improvements? For me it just doesn’t look right for some reason.You could ignore the tip, haven’t work on in yet. the final render should have the bullet flying and some shockwaves behind it.

Thank you for any criticism!
A little more tweaking…

I think you need more slightly yellow and less red. Also, put it on a plane with a wood (or something) texture and add a background image, then try turning on Raymirror at a low value. Sometimes that makes it look more metallic.

Here is a picture of bullets (no .50 calibre) http://blueprints.onnovanbraam.com/modules/bpview/bpview.php?nr=3332