50 Cal Sniper Rifle

This is going to be my first post showing my work, though I was happy enough with this one that I thought I should share it with the community.

This model took roughly 5 hours to make, and about 30 seconds to render at 100 samples. The pictures are just a hair grainy since I did such a low amount of samples when I rendered, though the render is only to show off the model.

This model is going to be used by Barry Game Studios for their new upcoming game “Final Hour” which I am proud to say I am a member of the dev team.

Anyways lets get to it.

And here is a render I did for fun to show off the magazine. Which I believe looks a whole lot cooler than the other images.

Leave any feedback or questions you have for me and I will reply as soon as I see it.
Thanks Everyone!

Looks great! what’s the poly count?

Looks really nice, I am quite looking forward to the final result. When would you finish it?:eyebrowlift:

The poly count on the rifle over all is 3.6k with around 900 just being in the top railing which is insane. So the tope rail is going to be removed and redone using normal maps and good texturing.

Though for this program I am only a modeler, so this model has been sent to our digital artist to be unwrapped, textured, normal mapped, and lit.

From there it’ll be sent to our coder to code the gun into the game with ammo, ballistics, damage, and all of that, as well as to code the animations for the bolt and reloading.

The gun should be completely done and put into the game here in about a week. Though sadly I will never touch the finished model. I will only get my hands on the model I made haha